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From the Podcast: Teaching as a Second (or Third) Career

Man with briefcase walking into school

August 14, 2017

In today’s episode, Carole Dorn-Bell hosts Michael Demana, who made a career change later in life to begin teaching. Demana provides tips for anybody who is considering making the switch to education.

“Our generation is really the first to experience the impact of that,” Demana says, speaking about how people are more likely to switch jobs and careers throughout their lives. “I know a lot of friends who have had to make midlife career changes.”

After a few other jobs out of college, Demana began working for an airline, which he believed would give him the time and energy to follow his dream of writing fiction. While he didn’t necessarily write as much as he planned, he was happy with his job and the travel it afforded him—until his airline merged with another airline.

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