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Inspiring Leadership

Tips for Effective Leadership that Inspires Community and Collaboration

July 21, 2016

Good leadership is something all school administrators aspire to. It is something that takes years of study, years of practice and years of growth, assessment, re-growth. So how can a blog post help improve leadership skills? In the same way mantras reinforce what we already know, an article on leadership reminds us of why and how good leadership is so important to us as educators. As we prepare for a new school year, there’s no better time to recommit and refocus our goal for effective leadership that inspires our school.

Effective leadership is easy to talk about — just do a quick search for inspirational posters! — and of course, it is a difficult and lifelong task to accomplish. We talk to a lot of great leaders on our podcast and they often emphasize the importance of continued learning, continued inspiration and continued growth. To that end, we’ve compiled some of our favorite tips from these leaders and our own experience to help reframe your leadership goals for this coming year.


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Apps in the Classroom: How to Find What Works for You and Your Students

Educational Apps in the Classroom // Tips on Technology & Communication from Allerton Hill Consulting

July 18, 2016

There is no doubt that the internet and the use of smart devices in the classroom is revolutionizing how teachers teach and how students learn. Think of any subject, any technique and “there’s an app for that”… in fact, there are probably thousands of apps for that! This, of course, is where the problem lies. How do you find the apps that will expand on your lessons and engage your students without distracting them or isolating them?

One criteria that can be helpful to use in narrowing down your choices is to look for apps that encourage collaboration rather than just one student and the screen. There are apps that allow students to share notes, write stories, create multimedia presentations and research long term projects. These apps empower students to work together.

Another solid benchmark to consider is whether it encourages students to “break the rules” or build something new. Are users just playing a game or filling in the blanks? Or are they encouraged to be creative? to create? to expand upon ideas and form new conclusions, new questions, new paths to discover?

Of course, it is critically important to ensure that any apps you use have safety settings that will allow you to contain search terms and access to appropriate materials.

There are hundreds of lists of the “best apps for educators” but we would be remiss not to include our own favorites that follows these 3 points of criteria. I’ve used all of the apps below and can speak to its ease of use, collaboration capabilities and creativity-inspiring capabilities.


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