It's Not a Campaign.

It’s a conversation.

What You Say
& How You Say It


Allerton Hill Consulting for Successful School Communication

School districts today are facing budget cuts, dropping enrollment and a skeptical public. How can you bring your message to the community in an effective way that will yield ongoing support?

Allerton Hill has the expertise and experience to ensure that your message is on point, powerful and persuasive. Learn to listen to the community’s needs, address opposition and engage your students, teachers & supporters in positive conversations and action.

Our client partnerships start with a thorough investigation of your current resources & past communications campaigns. From there we craft an ambitious yet realistic approach that addresses your specific upcoming issues as well as ongoing student retention & community engagement.

We will work with you, your staff and community groups to ensure that you are maximizing your manpower and your resources and that you are always ready for the next big idea.

Our strategies are built from decades of proven success as well as our creativity & commitment to innovation as schools and their communication needs change.

Audit & Analysis

Who are you talking to? Who should you be talking to?

What are the core issues your school district is facing today? What are the core issues that your school district will be facing in 5 years – and how can you prepare to solve a crisis before it begins?

Do you have a communications plan? How has it worked? Where are the informational and organizational gaps and how can we close them?

What untapped resources are out there to make getting your message out to the community more efficient and more meaningful?

These are some of the questions Allerton Hill’s team of experts will ask as we research your district’s demographics, resources and communications needs. The answers to these questions it what will inform and drive our custom communications plan…



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Work with Allerton Hill Consulting to build your Quality Profile, an in-depth assessment of the overall educational value your school provides to your students and the community-at-large. Write a more comprehensive story that considers a broader perspective than standardized testing. Focus includes academics, fiscal stewardship, student activities & the arts, leadership opportunities, student services, parental and community involvement and a commitment to improvement.

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Your Game Plan

We don’t offer templates or formulaic communications checklists.

Allerton Hill works with our partners to create a communications plan that speaks to the community in a way that will both inform and inspire action.

A month-by-month timeline will ensure that you have a full understanding of what your message is and how to best get that message out to the people who need to hear it most.

Your communications plan will take into account your budgetary limitations, staff & community manpower resources and both your urgent and long term marketing needs.


Whether you have an onsite communications staff or outsource your marketing campaigns, Allerton Hill can tailor your communications plan so that is focused on what will have the biggest impact with limited resources.

Community engagement is not about memes, one email blast or one 140-character tweet. It’s about ongoing communication with your community. It’s about creating a dialog where you are both sharing your story but you are also listening to what your community is saying in response and adapting your message accordingly.

Your marketing plan will take multiple approaches through different media, grassroots organizing and face-to-face community conversations. We will help you understand each approach and how it integrates into the overall plan so that you can start the conversation and keep it going while also adapting to and countering any oppositional messages.

Student Retention

Shrinking budgets and competition with private, charter and online schools are putting a lot of pressure on school district bottom lines.

When every student counts, you must have a marketing plan to attract and retain students. Allerton Hill Consulting can optimize your marketing plans and keep your students in school.

Opinion Research

Educators know better than anyone that knowledge is power!

Using scientific survey research to measure community understanding and support will provide us the data we need to craft the right message. Our years of communications and marketing experience knows how to translate market surveys and demographic studies into real impact.

School districts and other public entities face a complicated landscape when seeking public approval for their work.  Even the most straight forward issue can be met with opposition, misunderstandings and apathy. Knowing what opposition you are up against will make all the difference when you are pushing forward with new ideas and making important decisions for your school district and community.


You have your game plan, now it’s time to assemble your team!

Allerton Hill will translate your communications & marketing plan into an informative and engaging in-house seminar that will provide invaluable tools as well as confidence to your communications team.

Social Media

Should you tweet every day? Should you retweet? What is a meme and who is “linked in”? Do images or video grab more attention? Are there privacy issues we need to be concerned about when interacting online with our parents & students?

There is no question that technology has changed the way we communicate and even how we live our daily lives. Understanding how to harness the power of social media is a complicated and ever-changing question.

Let the Allerton Hill experts guide you through understanding how each social media platform reaches your community and how you can maximize your limited time to have the biggest impact. All in 140-characters or less.

What’s Next?

While you are working on today’s marketing campaign, who is focused on tomorrow’s big issue?

Many of Allerton Hill’s clients have been with us for over a decade. Why? Because we are constantly looking ahead, innovating marketing approaches and adopting new technologies so that we can keep our clients one step ahead of opposition and keep the conversation going.

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