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COVID-19: What our social media analytics tell us and your next steps

After a month of emergency remote learning, we are all learning and trying different things to engage the community. It is inspiring to see all that you are doing to make the best of this difficult situation. Keep up the good work!

As we have settled into a “routine” about the expectations and logistics around emergency remote learning, we’ve had a chance to analyze community engagement on social media and have a few suggestions to keep the momentum going.

Here’s what we’re seeing and know now:

  • Traffic is up on social media in general, however, there is more content with which we are […]

COVID-19: Social Media Content Library

Using social media to keep in touch and share information with families and your community is more important than ever. We have created a social media content library with graphics and post copy so you can easily share information quickly and easily.

Social Media Content Library

COVID-19: Graduation and more questions to consider

Now that your district is getting somewhat settled with emergency remote learning during the COVID-19 pandemic, your communication needs and priorities are continuing to evolve.

Here’s a list of some things to consider next:

  • What to do about graduation? We know. Everyone is struggling with this issue because even the Plan B option that you have still may not work out. So, check out this guide by Edmentum that is chock full of some really great ideas.
  • Giving senior students the special recognition and honor that they deserve: Springtime comes with so many honors, rites of passage events and […]

COVID-19: Examples of great communication

Ohio’s school leaders are doing a great job in communicating with the public and that means you are, too.

Here’s a snapshot of some communication ideas that you might find interesting. Remember that our AHC team can help you with these, too.

COVID-19: Be consistent in your communication

You are doing a great job with your COVID-19 communications with your community and doubling down on communication is everything during times like this. This is about getting information out to people but constantly fine tuning things.

Perhaps of special interest to you, here is a sampling of some things that we are seeing from your peers from throughout the state:

COVID-19: Best remote learning practices to put into place now

As we work to navigate through the uncharted territory that is “remote learning,” it is easy to feel overwhelmed with when and how often to communicate with your community and staff.

Here are some best practices that you can put into place now…

Communicating with the public:

  • Double down on your communication efforts. Communicate regularly, consistently, and with clarity about what you know. Do not guess or speculate on state decisions. Leave that to them.
  • Be mindful of the basics like social distancing in pictures and videos that you post and share.
  • Show your human side. A […]
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From the Podcast: Leadership Development with Diane Egbers

We Love Schools returns from the winter break with a conversation about breaking through leadership barriers.

Leadership development is about being intentional and deliberate. Diane Egbers, CEO of Leadership Excelleration, joins the podcast to explain further and discuss the development of district leadership teams.

Host Carole Dorn-Bell starts the conversation by asking about Diane’s passion for the topic of leadership development.


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How career centers can form partnerships with the business community

Joel Gagne and Rick Smith of Ohio Hi-Point Career Center discuss the importance of career centers forming partnerships with the business community

In this episode, host Joel Gagne is joined by Rick Smith, Superintendent of the Ohio Hi-Point Career Center in Bellefontaine, Ohio.

Joel begins by asking why it is important for career centers to form partnerships with their local business community. Rick says he is always hearing about a looming workforce […]

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Developing work ethic in students today

Joel Gagne and Dennis Blatt of Washington County Career Center discuss the importance of developing work ethic in students today

In this episode, host Joel Gagne is joined by Dennis Blatt, Superintendent of the Washington County Career Center in Marietta, Ohio.

Joel and Dennis talk about work ethic, why employers are putting a premium on it, and how the Washington County Career Center cultivates it.


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From the Podcast: Career Technical Education and what parents need to know

In this episode, host Joel Gagne is joined by Greg Edinger, Superintendent of the Vanguard Sentinel Career and Technology Center in Fremont, Ohio.

Joel and Greg discuss what parents need to know about career technical education, which is not what it used to be.

Greg describes career tech 50 years ago as a vastly different experience. The goal back then was to train for a lifetime vocation, and academics were not really emphasized. The majority of the programs that existed revolved around agriculture, especially in northwest […]

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From the Podcast: Agile Leadership: Orchestrate (Part 3)

In the third installment in our series on Agile Leadership with Diane Egbers, Carole and Diane chat about the importance of being able to orchestrate as an agile leader

This exciting episode is the final installment of the Agile Leadership Series with Diane Egbers of Leadership Excelleration.

The previous two episodes covered the Adventure and Empower components of Agile Leadership. In this episode, host Carole Dorn-Bell and Diane close out the series […]

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