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From the Podcast: Leadership and developing culture

Developing culture, female leader with her team

August 28, 2018

Discussing leadership and developing culture with Diane Egbers

In this episode, host Carole Dorn-Bell welcomes Diane Egbers from Leadership Excelleration Inc. (LEI) and co-author of The Ascending Leader. The two discuss the High Performance Culture Forum—a leadership and culture event occurring September 21 at the Summit Hotel in Cincinnati.

Diane says attendees of the forum will hear from Bryan Adkins, the CEO of Denison Consulting, as well as Susan Bunte, Assistant Superintendent of Cincinnati Public Schools.

“It’s really important to think about how do we really understand all the elements that help us to not only create culture leadership but to sustain it at the next level,” Diane says of the event.

Carole asks what’s unique to the culture development program. Diane says it really helps education systems to integrate culture leadership of strategic initiatives—the actual culture in each building with the performance of each leader. It’s a comprehensive way to help districts be successful in integrating the work and sustaining it at the next level.

The Denison model, used around the world and based on 30 years of research, is based on four tenets: 1. Mission: How well you’re aligning the team to the mission 2. Consistency: How consistent you are in academic performance. 3. Involvement: Engagement and empowerment of leaders in the district. 4. Adaptability: The propensity to constantly scan the external industry in education and adapt best practices and create innovation over time.

Carole asks who should attend the program, and Diane says they recommend not just superintendents but also educational administrators and building leaders come to the forum.

Diane talks about a new partnership that allows attendees to take the Culture Assessment 360 and go through each of the four tenets of the Denison model.

“What this program does is it really helps superintendents and educational administrators to really look at the performance in their district as a whole system and to put in place the strategies that will address it at a fundamental basis so that they can get to the academic performance that they are seeking, that they can have the innovative learning methods and teaching methods, so that they can really nurture their leaders to be aligned with the vision and mission, and that they can have the consistency that teachers need in the classroom to really thrive,” Diane says.

This is a systemic approach that’s addressing the root issue and will help sustain a higher level of performance over time.

Those interested in attending may sign up at, or at

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