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From the Podcast: Live streaming and using social media

Live streaming and using social media on the We Love Schools podcast

November 29, 2017

Discussing live streaming and using social media with Tate Skinner

In this episode of the We Love Schools podcast, host Carole Dorn-Bell speaks with Tate Skinner, secretary of the Ohio Small & Rural Collaborative and assistant principal of Minford High School. The two discuss how live streaming and using social media can improve access to students, parents and community members.

While social media wasn’t heavily utilized by schools when it first started, now it’s a glaring omission from a school’s strategy when a district isn’t utilizing it.

“Social media has taken off so much that it’s really obvious when a school doesn’t do it,” Tate says. “As an observer from the outside of other schools, if I go to a school’s social media, sometimes I wonder why they even have it if their most recent post is from two weeks ago.”

Tate says he imagines himself as an outsider looking for information when he decides what to post on social media. He finds live streaming and using social media to be great ways to share good news about the school district and to allow people to participate even if they can’t physically be there.

“We live streamed graduation, and it was watched in twelve different states and three different countries,” Tate says.

While websites were once an effective way to connect with the community, Tate explains that people want information delivered to them directly now. Live streaming and using social media can allow that to happen.

“If you’re not on social media sharing it, I just wonder how many people are getting your message,” Tate says.

He says that in addition to live streaming and using social media being great ways to connect with the community, live streaming in general makes everything easier. Once the live stream is done, the video is instantly uploaded without any additional time or effort.

Carole and Tate discuss the value of brevity and using images in social media posts. Tools such as Google Slides can be a quick way to create an image to go with a short bit of text.

“We are in a visual world, and I prize brevity,” Carole says.

While the two agree that every school should be live streaming and using social media, they stress the importance of posting consistently once the accounts are started.

For more insight into how Tate utilizes live streaming and social media, follow him on Twitter. @TateSkinnerMHS

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