A recent survey conducted by Fallon Research has revealed interesting data both about the knowledge of Ohio residents (including parents) of school report cards and their impact on voting. There has been a considerable movement in recent years against standardized testing in Ohio as more and more parents opt their children out of the testing. As schools seek new ways to communicate their progress through Quality Profiles and integrated communication strategies, the results from this survey make it very clear that regardless of how you measure your school’s achievements, getting the message OUT must be a priority and a multi-pronged approach to ensure efficacy.

A few data points to consider as schools assess their communications plans. (For the full survey, click here to download the Fallon Research report.)

  • Less than half of the public was aware of the recent release of the state report cards and only 57% of parents were aware. Schools with high performance scores should be alarmed at this figure and make a stronger effort to communicate their results.
  • Only 32% of those surveyed believe that the report cards are an accurate reflection of a school’s performance. This provides a clear argument for schools to use a broader range of communications and assessments to convey their success and progress.
  • 40% of those surveyed noted that their confidence would be undermined by a low performance grade. Equally concerning is the 48% who said that their confidence would be unchanged by a negative report card. Schools should think critically about whether this means that the public already has a negative attitude or have developed a general sense of apathy towards their local schools that needs to be counteracted.

Allerton Hill works with schools to create a year-round communications plan that includes traditional and new (social) media, face-to-face conversations as well as the valuable Quality Profile annual report — often released in conjunction with a State of the Schools address. Our communication plans can help ensure that your community is well informed of your successes as well as your needs for support. A strong, consistent communications strategy will counteract any negative attacks or opposition by creating a base of knowledgeable support and good will towards your school. Contact us today if you would like more information and to begin an audit of your school’s communication strategies.

[fa class=”fa-pdf”] For the full survey, click here to download the Fallon Research report.