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Pursuit of alternative revenue, cost-savings never ceases

August 31, 2015

Dublin City SchoolsPart of the Dublin Difference is our commitment to ensuring we use taxpayer dollars in the most cost effective manner possible.

Some members of our community have expressed the sentiment, “the schools should be run like a business.”

While we are decidedly different in most respects from a for-profit business, we have indeed embraced private sector business concepts designed to make our organization more efficient in an effort to maximize taxpayer dollars.

Our District has embraced the concepts involved in Lean Six Sigma, a managerial philosophy used by many of the world’s leading private sector companies, including many located within our district.

Using these data-driven, problem-solving techniques, we are implementing a new copier and printer program this coming school year designed to reduce copier and printer costs district wide. We are expecting to reduce the number of printers in our district by about half, reducing leasing costs as well as paper and ink use.

In addition to our efficiency programs, we are also continuously looking for alternative sources of revenue. We aggressively pursue available grants and we successfully rent our school facilities to a wide variety of groups.

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