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Clear & Decisive Communications during a Crisis Earns the Public’s Trust

June 3, 2015

From the Marysville Journal-Tribune, an editorial posted May 29, 2015,
regarding the Marysville school district, an AHC client.

“Refreshing to see school issues handled swiftly, openly”

The sudden removal of an elementary school principal and a high school teacher from their posts in the Marysville school district have been the talk of the town for the last month.

Many local residents have bemoaned both situations as black eyes for the schools. District officials and educators probably wish both situations would resolve themselves and go away. Eventually they will.

But I believe the public’s knowledge of the situations is a positive thing.

At the root of the issues are allegations made against two individuals, not against the district. The only claim you can make against the district is that it heard claims made against two employees and handled them swiftly.

This has not always been the case around this town.

Allegations of student/teacher relationships swirled around Marysville High School when I was there more than 20 years ago. Similar allegations have surfaced while I have worked at the Journal-Tribune.

On at least two of the occasions, educators quietly left the district to seek employment elsewhere. No formal action was raised by the school district and law enforcement was never involved. They simply headed down the road to become someone else’s problem.

Last year, Trinity Lutheran School found out what can happen when teachers seek employment in another state following allegations. The school was forced to deal with a situation in which a teacher passed a background check and was hired despite a scandal involving a student in Illinois. Trinity had nothing to do with the allegations and it occurred years before the teacher arrived at the school, but Trinity was forced to deal with it because the district in Illinois hadn’t.

With the recent events, residents can at least take heart that the allegations were dealt with quickly and publicly. Parents and, for the most part, the public have been kept apprised of updates with the cases.

Details continue to trickle out on both situations allowing citizens to decide who they believe.

For people in this area to think that public employees, including educators, don’t make poor decisions is arrogant. There is no bubble of absolute morality that protects this school district or county.

Bad apples can be found in any barrel. The only thing you can hope is that the person tending the barrel has the sense to pluck it quickly, rather than push it to the bottom and deny it was rotten.

 From the Marysville Journal-Tribune, (Full Article only available for paid subscribers) »

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