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Monthly Archives: August 2013

Schools Need to Communicate Over the Summer

August 14, 2013

School’s out and the students and are gone, so what does a school do to communicate? While it is normal for communications to “slow down” over the summer, there are still some fundamental things schools should be doing. Here are some thoughts about what schools should be doing during the summer months:

A Guest Column in your Local Newspaper. Survey after survey show that most people get information about their local government in the hometown newspaper. Monthly articles, authored by the school superintendent, should continue through the summer.

Suggested topics include:
Congratulating the community on a great first half of the year and highlighting accomplishments.
• Share what challenges are ahead for the rest of the year. For example, share information on how the state budget will impact your community.
• Share what your staff is doing over the summer to enhance their knowledge and profession. For example, are some people taking classes?

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