Today there are many social media sites that schools might find useful for their communication plans. Most school districts already utilize popular social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter to help in their communications with parents and students. One site, Pinterest, is rapidly gaining followers, but has yet to be integrated into school marketing systems.

Pinterest consists of virtual “Boards” and virtual “Pins” that allow users to share images, videos, and even websites to their pin boards. The unique aspect of Pinterest is that the majority of users are women. When it comes to a key demographic where schools need to connect with their public – without a doubt, moms and women are at the top of this list. Since mothers tend to have the final say when making decisions concerning their children’s school, Pinterest is in the perfect position for school marketing.

Schools can use Pinterest to market and communicate various events such as fundraisers, meetings, and levy issues.  Schools can also assist parents by creating boards and pins about classroom related tasks.   One such board could be “Books to Read” and contain pins with links to the books their children are reading in class.

Schools could also convert their own newsletters into pins, using Pinstamatic, to be placed on a board titled “Upcoming School Events” There are other outsourced sites such as PinReach which tracks the volume of people viewing specific pins.  This is especially useful when trying to assess what people are viewing on your Pinterest boards.

The possibilities to connect with and influence parents and communities using Pinterest for school marketing are endless. Think of Pinterest as a school news corkboard that can be viewed from every house.