Rumblings at the Grassroots-By Steve Avakian

Whenever old political war horses gather these days, the subject is Senate Bill 5 and the vote this November to repeal the act.  Why so much attention by veteran observers? Because it’s all so reminiscent of 1958, when a constitutional amendment on the ballot sought to make Ohio a “closed shop” state.  The battle was so fierce that some politicians actually walked the plank, and the anti-union attack shaped Ohio politics for a generation.  It failed by the largest margin in state history up to that time.  Talk about lucky, how about Steve Young, Ohio’s crusty liberal Senator? In 1958 he won because of Right to Work, and in 1964 he won because of Barry Goldwater being on the ballot! Only time will tell whether 2011 reprises the battle of 1958.  But I couldn’t help but note that six Republican State Senators turned and voted against S.B. 5.  What do they know that their fellow Republicans didn’t?


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Joel graduated from Northeastern University in Boston, MA, while he was there he worked as co-op in Capitol Hill and the White House. He also attended Harvard University for graduate studies. He also completed program work from Harvard in conflict resolution and from the University of Chicago in creative writing. Joel has worked throughout the country as part of his political work. Currently he is also a Visiting Scholar at the University of Michigan and has conducted a round table at the University of Dayton.
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